Renewal Of Vows

Renewal Of Vows

Traditionally the Renewal of Vows was not common, but nowadays these ceremonies have become something that couples want to do to remind themselves of what has kept them together and to show the love they still have for one another.

Renewal of Vows ceremonies can be done anywhere that the couple wish. Often they have them at home with close family and friends, back at where they got married or at a favourite place such as where they met, where they first proposed or where they have their happiest memories.

The ceremony can also coincide with a family occasion such as a wedding anniversary or birthday and also often includes the other members of the original wedding party. It can also be done as a surprise when family are gathered together such as Xmas or a special occasion. 

This ceremony celebrates the ongoing love, the joys and reflections celebrating the life they have had together. It also acknowledges the commitment of the ongoing years ahead just the same as they gave that same commitment on their original Wedding Day. It could also include some of the original parts of your wedding Ceremony.

You can have a complete wedding type ceremony with everything including music and sign a Renewal of Vows certificate with witnesses or just have a simple ceremony surrounded by close family and friends at your special place.