Naming Ceremonies

It is always such a pleasure to assist families to welcome their children into their family and extended family with a Naming Ceremony. 

Naming Ceremonies are often done in place of a Christening but have the same meaning. They can be conducted anywhere where the family wish to gather and can be done at any age.

Often families like to wait until they have their complete family together and may also choose to have one ceremony that celebrates more than one child. The ceremony can also coincide with a special family occasion such as a birthday of the child or a namesake e.g. a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle or the person’s godparents.

The ceremony can include things such as the reading of a special poem written for that person, something done as part of a family tradition that is passed on, something done by other siblings,/cousins  , the giving of a special gift (silver cup, engraved bracelet or the passing down of family jewellery or family keepsake), the planting of a tree or a plant such as a namesake rose, letting off balloons and the cutting of a cake.

This ceremony is a special occasion that celebrates the birth and also the ongoing years ahead for a child. My part is writing something appropriate and officiating that for you. It can be a fun event to involve family and friends to make it a very memorable day and I will also give you a certificate to mark the occasion.

A special occasion that CELEBRATES 
birth and also the ongoing years ahead