Funerals and Interments

Funerals, Unveilings & Interments

It is always a privilege to assist families with the CELEBRATION OF THE LIFE of their loved one. It is also a sad time and one when things can be a little upside down while you are coming to terms with your loss. I have also been through the same sadness of losing someone very close and fully understand what this loss means to you.

My job as Celebrant is to help you put together a fitting tribute that celebrates the life that is  gone. It is important to remember them and each of you will want to remember those special times and moments, and each in your own special way.

It is a time for remembrance and reflection and what that person meant to you. It is a reminder of what makes up a person’s life, a series of events that  have occurred in their lifetime and what you shared with them, no matter how long or short it was. It will touch you all in different ways.When a person touches your life it lasts for your lifetime. 

The service can involve as many people as you would like and can be held anywhere that you see as appropriate – at  a cemetery, at home, in a garden, in a chapel or at a place that was special to that person such as beside a lake, a river, by the sea or under a mountain. Permission may need to be granted for services to be held in certain places but that would be discussed with you.

The service can include favourite music, hymns, poetry, special readings, tributes from people, singing by everyone or by one person, the lighting of candles by family members and friends, a display of special reminders of that person, releasing of balloons, guard of honour – there are many options.

I can help you put together a fitting ceremony by working closely with you gathering that special information about your loved one to create a ceremony to fully acknowledge them. An unveiling service can also include many of the above and would also be discussed with you when I meet you.

A CELEBRATION of a life lived, 
a time for remembrance and reflection